Long-term car rental of one month, Royal car rental in Kraljevo, price of 15 euros per day

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Long-term car rental of one month, Royal car rental in Kraljevo, price of 15 euros per day

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Rent a car Kraljevo | Car rental for a month

Car rental for month

Monthly car rental in Kraljevo

Do you need a monthly car rental or a long-term rental in Kraljevo? Do you need a reliable car for the long-term rental because you are coming to Serbia on vacation? Does your company need a car for a longer period of time?

Royal rent a car offers long-term car rental in Kraljevo with flexible car rental conditions for one to six months.

In our agency, you can rent cars, vans, jeeps and SUVs, and other vehicles for a month or more. For long-term vehicle rental, we offer special conditions and a discount of up to 25%.

Who are we?

Royal! rent a car Kraljevo is part of the Royal Car Rental Group and a car rental agency that has been renting all types of vehicles for more than 3 years - cars, vans, jeeps, minivans, SUVs, and luxury vehicles.

We are the fastest, most reliable, and most honest monthly car rental agency in Belgrade and Serbia. We are known for our new, safe, and technically correct vehicles, as well as for our extremely favorable rental car rental prices.

How to rent a car for a month?

The process of renting a car for a month or more is quick and simple. It is necessary that you call or send us an e-mail in order to provide us with the following information:

    1. the type and brand of vehicle you would like to rent;
    2. the period of time for which you want to rent the vehicle (dates of collection and return of the vehicle);
    3. data on the person or legal entity (company) on which the long-term rental contract will be based.

We respond promptly to all inquiries and requests for long-term vehicle rental. At the same time, our security advisors are in charge of checking all the documents you have sent to us in order to reduce the risk of the vehicle being stolen.

Why should you choose Royal rent a car in Kraljevo?

The business of the Royal rent a car agency in Kraljevo is based on the idea of providing high-quality services and unique benefits to the customers we serve. Reliability, honesty, and accuracy are the key values of the Royal rent a car agency. We are absolutely committed to delivering high-quality and fully customized service for each individual customer or company, at very affordable prices.

Royal rent a car Kraljevo offers the following key benefits for long-term car rental:

    1. There are no hidden costs
    2. No deposit for longer rentals
    3. New and modern fleet
    4. Technically perfect and well-maintained vehicles
    5. Full comprehensive insurance
    6. Affordable prices
    7. 24/7 technical and customer support
    8. Same day car replacement in case of damage
    9. Unlimited local mileage
How to contact us?

If you are interested in renting a car service at Belgrade airport, you can make a vehicle BOOKING via the website or by calling the number +381 69 77 63 61.

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